Court Hire will commence – Saturday 1st May 7am

Strict conditions apply.
“Guidelines of Continued Play”

  • No online bookings – You must call the Proshop (Ph: 3829 1383) to make the next available booking or, if after-hours, you must physically attend the courts to ensure a court is free, if not wait in your car until a court becomes available.
  • Only courts 1, 3, 4, 5 + 7 will be in use.
  • Singles only if not from the same household (2 players per court).
  • Household/Family – (maximum 4 players per court*).
  • Don’t attend if you are ill, have been overseas, exposed to a confirmed case or are in a high risk category
  • No spectators or socialising off court resulting in a gathering.
  • Playground inaccessible.
  • Adhere to social distancing requirements – 1.5 m distance at all times
  • Court Hire fees applicable – No cash transactions. Payments via Proshop or Bank transfer. (See directions for payment on club noticeboard)
  • Night access – Light key available from Disabled Toilet (Code C137Y)
 Player type Before 6pm After 6pm
Member $13.00/hour * $18.00/hour*
Combined $17.00/hour** $22.00/hour**
Non Member $20.00/hour $25.00/hour
* All players on the court must be club members to receive member rates.
** As soon as there is one non member playing on the court then the combined rates must be paid.